A Happy, Healthy New Year to You All from San Diego, California


I hope it was wonderful and that the days of 2017 bring nothing but bliss for everyone. I had the privilege of spending my New Year in San Diego. I was lucky to find myself in such a beautiful place that I truly enjoy. I vibrate at a level of happy there. Besides, I’m always drawn to the ocean and the cleansing quality of the open waters seemed perfectly appropriate for such an occasion marked by renewal.

New Years is my favorite holiday. It’s important to me. Surely I make a bigger deal of it than necessary,  but I don’t mind, I love it. It’s a time for friends to come together. The collective energy of dreams, desires and hopes held high with fixated optimism pulsates. The feeling of being alive, thriving joy and celebration of life fill the air. I have to admit, I have a silly self-imposed superstition about whatever happens in the days before and after. To me, the events, conversations and people show themselves like an omen or peek into the coming year. The days are heavy with signs and intuition to brace oneself for certain aspects, open up to something unexpected or perhaps let something go. Either way it’s a chance to be open-hearted, open-minded, thoughtful and insightful.

2016 rocked my emotional and financial boat way out of my comfort zone. With the waves though, come lessons that create opportunity to grow and decide what’s working and what isn’t. The encouragement behind a grand new year gives just the boost of strength needed for taking the steps to live better, truer to ourselves and as authentically as possible.

On the big night, I found myself surrounded by a wide spectrum of people. An unplanned, last-minute celebration brought together a random scattering of folks. I was in the presence of someone I love, someone I’ve reconciled with, new friends of friends, and those that I met as strangers whom I’m sure to be connected with again. As I considered those represented, I saw in them a mirror, a reflection of my life, my choices, who I am, what I stand for and how the events of last year had lead me to this very place in this very moment with these particular people. The message was poignant if not blatant.

Lucky for me, my days surrounding the big day were filled with long, relaxing waterfront bike rides and brewpub pit stops with friends. The residual uncertainty and complications of my last year still linger, having shown themselves in the first few days of the new. They will undoubtedly continue into 2017. I have struggled to know whether to stay still, to find roots, to gamble in the name love or leave the hope behind. After all, the life of a solo nomad, for me, is comfortable. It’s come to define me. I understand it.  Aloneness and I get along but loneliness is my nemesis.  it’s up to me to find my truths and direct my course of life.

It’s important we remember to choose happiness, to choose to show up and do our best, and to choose, however difficult, to let go of things that no longer serve us, but most of all to be kind to ourselves in the process.

Now I’m back to traveling and hoping to carry on the inspiration of a new year and new goals. I’ll be roaming around Mexico the best way I know how…with no plan, no timeline, just the endless desire to explore with the wind at my back.

So here’s to the new year, new perspective, new adventure and new-found hope. With all my heart, from the heart of Mexico, and with all my will and a glass of tequila raised high, I wish for you a very happy, healthy New Year.

Amor, Salud, y dinero for us all!