Looking back, I was always unknowingly preparing for life as a nomad. As a child, I was frequently shipped back and forth between family in Poland and the United States. I always relished in the feeling of getting lost in airports and trying to decipher foreign languages and new surroundings. During school years I would daydream about far away places and await the day I could break from the norm and roam freely. In 2001, I began backpacking with friends. The first exploration being a month long stint in Ireland. Since then, the trips have grown longer and further, my backpack smaller, and I’ve done away with almost any planning.


With Chicago as home base, I would always return to work and save to fund the next adventure. In 2010, I began working for Hogsalt, a rapidly growing hospitality group with a passion for progressive thinking, exotic travel and authentic culture. In 2011, I had the opportunity to open Hogsalt’s Doughnut Vault, a tiny Chicago storefront dedicated to freshly made, artisanal doughnuts. I poured my heart and soul into Doughnut Vault for a little over 2 years and though I loved my job, eventually the pull of travel and the open road won out. I emptied an apartment with years worth of stuff and scattered my belongings to friends across the city like ashes of my past. Nowadays, home is where my backpack is.


I officially left Chicago in September of 2013 for a grand and indefinite solo journey across the world. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to team up with Hogsalt once again. Our joint (ad)venture, Salt Trails was born in January of 2015. Writing Salt Trails has supported my life on the road. This Blog has made it possible to travel more thoughtfully, find deeper connections and greater understandings through slow, immersed travel. Hogsalt has provided the platform for Salt Trails where I share my musings, findings and feelings from around the world. I’m proud to be part of a company that embraces unconventional roles and an adventurous spirit. This is the story of my strangely connected, constant whirlwind journey. If you find yourself in Chicago, visit a Hogsalt spot and you’ll see exactly what makes it so special.