Ancient and Antique Athens


From Acropolis to Parthenon to the Temple of Zeus and the Agora, Athens history is hard to ignore amongst the urban sprawl. Even beyond the city to the coast, ancient marble wonders of Poseidon at Sounion won’t soon let you forget how far back the land dates. Old churches hold their ground as H&M and Starbucks compete for tourist attention.


The sheer mass and detail of the structures are a lot to wrap one’s mind around. While walking over the broken marble ground, its source, Mount Pentelicus can be seen just off in the distance, close yet so far away. In a time without motor powered cranes and machinery it’s hard to imagine the amount of time, slaves and physical labor required to haul dense, mass, raw material across Greece and create such strong, lasting, beautiful architecture.

Next to the towering ancient marble that dominates the city, old antiques seem practically new. A massive flea market is dedicated to old finds and the public market is full as well. One could get lost for hours on end in the piles of brass, books, old furniture, mirrors, light fixtures and everything in between. The disheveled, dense stacks of old, manmade objects pressed up against a crumbling marble backdrop and surrounded with shiny new cafes and clean, organized department stores display the many years of evolution and is telling of a long history of what has been considered important to generations of people.


Seeing so many years of history packed in tightly, coexisting, create a truly interesting perspective of the past and begs the question, what’s to come?