Jeju Island, South Korea



Jeju Island is small in size and jam-packed with activities. It’s definitely a tourist destination, but for good reason. There is a stark contrast in the stunning natural beauty of the volcanic island and its crowded, goofy, tourist attractions. You don’t have to go far find strange, random sites like a teddy bear museum or larger than life sex sculptures in Jeju’s Loveland Park. While that’s all fun and well, Jeju’s nature drew me in and stole all of my attention. I spent countless hours combing beaches and climbing mountains.


Soft hills covered in bright greens end dramatically at the edge of the island, turning into strong, black cliffs molded into mesmerizing patterns. Spectacular, opaque boulders smash into crystal blue waters. Stark white sand pops against the background of blue skies. The water is perfectly clear. Distinct blue lines remind me of lined up crayola. The views are breathtaking.


There are many cliffs and hills covered in stairs and trails, ready to be climbed with lovely views. The center of the island gradually builds towards it’s most powerful possession and Korea’s highest mountain, Hallasan volcano. The shady ascend opens to beautiful views of the entire island and beyond.