Chania, Crete, Greece


The charming, lively and very photogenic Chania is a popular port town in Crete. Crowds of tourists and piles of restaurants around the harbor make for the perfect see and been seen, people-watching spot, but past the obvious is the real intrigue that makes Chania stand out.

Wrapped around the harbor are gorgeous old buildings left to crumble¬†with peeling paint and years of age, but the chipping shutters and broken door latches add to their secretive character. The buildings look as if they’ve been shoved aside, up and out of the way to make space for a perfect, flat, stone walkway where new, modern shops and cafes live to appease the many tourist. But the magic sits poised above all that.

The old town, with its small stone streets and softly ascending hills show off centuries and decades of ruin overrun with wild, unrestrained flowers and rapacious trees competing for any available space. Each building and plant climbing higher the than the last as if to reach the sky. Looking up is where you’ll really see Chania.