Discovering Boquete, Panama


Boquete, Panama is quite possibly where the heart-center of Mama Earth beats. Her big, beautiful, round mounds of thick, lush green bosoms snuggle you right in. The softest, most welcoming place on earth. Her abundant, nurturing moisture saturates the soul with pure, cleansing rains that come down in a loud statement of relief, release and great exhale. The mind and body respond like a mirror in reflection.

From anywhere in Boquete you can look up and watch the clouds reshape the mountains that are hiding rainbows. No two minutes are the same. Endless angles, endless possibility, a demonstration of the nature of life. A reminder that there is always beauty in change and that change is inevitable, a constant happening. But, one must learn to live in the moment and to stay in touch with the shift in order be able to appreciate and understand the lessons offered. It’s amazing what mother nature will teach you if you stop to look, listen and learn.

Nearby the heart of town are springs heated by the surrounding volcanic earth. They’re best experienced when the skies break free of their pent up weight, the moisture absorbed by the clouds finally made too heavy and plump lumps of water fall free. The contrast of cool droplets and hot pools, the force of free fall that penetrates the still, glass surface causing steam to rise and dissipate all create the ambiance of a magical and mystical place. I surrendered to the rhythm of the drops that plopped in steady succession over eyelid, lip, cheek and brow. The full circle of life represented upon and all around me.

With beauty this stunning and energy so bold, Boquete has the power to heal, rejuvenate and revive those who let it.

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