Exploring Guadalajara City, Mexico. Culture, Food, Arts.


Guadalajara Mexico where culture, food and arts shine.

My first impression of Guadalajara was that it is a city of progress. The influence of numerous universities and young people is obvious lending to it’s youthful, liberal and passionate vibe. This city is moving forward and with gusto. It’s a city with the times in every way with no signs of backing down, yet strives to preserve it’s history and pay homage to past struggles.

The quaint, old plaza housing the well known and central cathedral is being out shined these days by a big, pink sign screaming, Guadalajara Guadalajara. It’s a campaign effort by the current local government to make it like New York or Tokyo. The idea is to brand the city, to make it internationally known and make it a destination for the masses.

And it certainly is a place worth visiting! It’s a city full of art and history. Art spanning centuries gets equal attention from the famous murals by José Clemente Orozco at the Hospicio Cabañas and throughout the city, to unique functional sculptures in the plazas and smart, poignant graffiti in the streets.

It’s upscale, trendy food and drink spots are more than just facade. The food scene is solid. There are tons of hipster bars and restaurants churning out pretty food presentations and craft cocktails but there is some genuine talent, care and enthusiasm behind the creations coming out of these kitchens. The neighborhood of Chapultepec is riddled with them.

For some more authentic Mexican food and feel the market in Guadalajara is one of my favorite. I was told it’s actually the largest indoor market in latin America. Not so shocking to anyone that knows me, the sea of food stalls is what took up most of my time.

Guadalajara has been my first stop in Mexico and sets the bar high. I already know Mexico and I are meant to be. Come for the culture, stay for the food. Guadalajara’s got something for everyone. Love this city.