Exploring Mexico City, Mexico


Mexico City is a sprawling metropolis of over 21 million people. The city proper, however, is just under 9 million, making it the most metropolitan area in the Western Hemisphere. The staggering number of people might make it sound like an intimidating and chaotic place, but the city is considerably well organized and developed with lots to offer and endless opportunities for exploration.

The city is situated high in the sky at 2,250┬ámeters or 7,382 feet. If the altitude doesn’t make you lose your breath, the pollution might. Mexico City’s smog cloaks the sun like a lampshade. A yellow-brown haze blends into the blue of the sky on most days. Every once in while, a clear day reveals a glimpse at the nearby mountains that surround. Underneath this dome of harsh air is a thriving city of diversity, culture, amazing food and art that is sure to take your breath away, anyway.

The city is very walkable and bike friendly. It’s also incredibly easy to get around with the cheap and user-friendly metro or Ubers. Diverse neighborhoods offer everything and anything imaginable. A thriving food and nightlife scene represents both high-end, global, modern cuisine and tradition staples along with some of the best street food available. Old, beautiful architecture and new, modern high-rises sit juxtaposed. You can choose between quiet, scenic parks to rest and relax in or busy, bustling zocalos for people watching and entertainment by street performers.

It’s the kind of city that is overwhelming at first. I recommend approaching it like jumping into the deep end of a very cold pool, just jump. Eventually, you adjust and realize it’s actually a pretty nice place to hang out for a while.