Finikia, Santorini, Greece


It’s doesn’t have the immediate striking beauty of Oia or Fira. The buildings have wear and tear. The village is riddled with old, crumbling structures. It feels rustic. It’s not packed with restaurants and shops. There are no mini marts, no souvenir shops. But what the town of Finikia does have is undeniable character.

Sitting slinked down the edge of a slope, it’s easy to drive right past and miss altogether. It’s only a short 20 min walk from Oia, and world away from its shoulder to shoulder packed paths. Many people visiting Santorini probably never even heard of it. Shame really. It’s a simple village in the heart of viticulture. Honestly, there is not much to it yet it has a special¬†magnetism. It’s a quiet place. Kids play in the stone paths full of stairs and turns as older generations watch from patios and balconies.

I highly recommend¬† getting off of the buses and out of cars to take a slow, early morning walk through the maze that is Finikia with its many stairs, guessing whats behind the walls of its old architecture¬†and peeking into the small cave like dwellings that sink down into the ground, passing the many homes and few hotels, to the stone path that finally straightens out and spits you out at the doors of Domaine Sigalas, Santorini’s best winery. A pit stop for a bit of shelter from the sun, light lunch, and obviously, wine, followed by a quick jaunt just a little further down the road to the lovely beaches of Baxedes. A perfect way to spend a day away from the crowded Santorini summer.