Galicia, Spain in Photos


Over the river and through the woods we crossed into the Spanish countryside. In the second week of walking the Camino de Santiago from Porto, Portugal to Santiago de Compostela, the trail pulls away from the coast and towards farmland full of four-legged friends, winding woodsy paths, and kilometers of Albarino canopies.

As the flat, straight, coastal paths of Portugal lift into the Spanish hills, the horizon shrinks to low lying clouds. The thick, white fog comes down like a curtain, an indication that it’s time to exit stage left away from the water and into soft, rolling hills surrounded by fragrant eucalyptus trees and small forests. The path between long stretches of Galician countryside twists, turns, and switchbacks its way through rustic, old world villages full of charm and sangria.

This side of Spain is busy with growth, fields of green and bursting flowers. It’s a stark contrast to the eery but beautiful, bare and vast beaches of the Portuguese coast. The sounds of the world are no longer washed out by the roaring white noise of relentless wind and crashing waves. Instead, the sound surrounds with octaves and levels, birds and sheep, rustling leaves, and the sound of dirt shifting beneath the feet. It’s constant and changing.

This side of Spain is full of life. Heavy stone walls that look ancient line paved, narrow streets. The villages are dense and busy. Culture is rich here and the people are proud, kind, and welcoming.