Graffiti in Athens


Athens is one giant canvas. Graffiti here is amazing. Many cities are splattered in paint but Athens does it best. Athens graffiti is unique.

Beautiful, obviously commissioned art exist perfectly juxtaposed with messy tags and clumsy armature block letters. Blatant, politically driven graffiti serves as a reminder of recent turmoil. Lessons in history old and recent are displayed on every surface. Years of art and vandalism layered over each other cover ancient buildings and new structures in most of this sprawling city. No wall, door, or awning is safe from the colors of a spray can. Popular tourist places, hidden, quaint neighborhoods, even nature are marked. Protruding rocks are just another medium for expression by paint. Ancient columnsĀ and landmarks get hit and it all surprisingly works.

This ancient city belongs to the urbanites. Athens has a raw edge, a hardness. It’s not pretty, it’s tough. A gritty place with character and strength.