Graffiti of Bogota, Colombia


Unlike most art which is made to be framed, preserved and forever taken care of, graffiti is fleeting in it’s existence. The mystery and anonymity behind it adds intrigue and allows for appreciation devoid of judgement. When you come across a piece that catches you and holds you, for that moment in time you are bound to that artist and the few others lucky enough to witness the physical manifestation of the inspiration behind it. You’re linked without knowing it, but the connection hovers. And the next day, just like that, it may be gone, painted with a brand new creation or made a clean slate and you’d walk past the wall never-knowing.

Bogota’a graffiti is special in that it is mostly commissioned work supported by the city. This allows artist to emerge from the shadows of the night, strapped with headlamps and fear of being discovered to sun-lit canvases, free from worry of repercussion and able to take pride in their efforts. It’s allowed for talented individuals to show their faces, elevate the quality of their work, and even support a living. It’s led to dynamic collaborations and creations spanning blocks of buildings adding originality and complimenting a city layered in history but dedicated to progressiveness.