Home Stretch; Kansas to Chicago



High from Colorado’s elevation and stunning mountains, coming down in Kansas hit hard. It was everything I had expected and worse. Flat, boring waves of grain and rain on a never ending straight road. Bad weather and Kansas had always been synonymous to me and Kansas did not disappoint. Rain turned to sleet and black ice. Driving slower than a snail, hands clutching the wheel, I passed one vehicle after another that found themselves up ramp or in a ditch. I made it out alive.




On the other side of the storm I landed safely in Kansas City. Terrifying driving conditions can work up an appetite and thankfully KC is known for their delicious BBQ. I celebrated my survival with juicy pulled pork smothered in every tangy, sweet and spicy sauce I could get my hands on and tender beef brisket layered with gooey, warm provolone, topped with crispy onion rings, all held together with a soft, toasted bun, and pickle on the side. Food therapy, it works.



Kansas City, St. Louis to Louisville, small cities of the midwest and south show their age compared to the west. Architecture becomes more interesting, and roads become smaller, populations become more dense. Darling, small clusters of high rises and famed structures pop up more frequently.

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I made it to the final stretch to my home sweet home, Chicago. The last leg though cornfields of Indiana go on for an eternity and then that beautiful, familiar skyline sits lit up and welcomes me back. Hello Chicago! Road trip success.