Leaving the Islands of Indonesia


I have to admit, I did not put in the work the explore lesser known parts of Indonesia. I did not delve deeply into the culture nor did I try. Like many, I was quite content to fall into the beach-holiday life. There is obviously a lot more to Indonesian culture than beaches, piña coladas and sarongs.

To be honest I wasn’t ready for the real experience. I didn’t feel like working for its truths. I just wanted a vacation and the islands made that easy. The few little glimpses of culture I paid attention to intrigued me and I look forward to the day I return to learn the heart of Indonesia. Until then, thank you to all the locals of Bali and Gili Air. Thank you to those behind the scenes that build and maintain paradise. Thank you for affordable beach front bungalows, fresh cooked food from simple kitchens, refreshing hospitality, the always readily available travel information and friendly sellers, the boat drivers, and everyone there that makes Bali and Gili such a perfect place to escape to.