Montebello Lakes, Chiapas, Mexico


The Lagunas de Montebello National Park is located in the southeastern most area of the state of Chiapas in Mexico, just next to the border of Guatemala. There are 59 lakes in total spanning theĀ 15,840 acres of land.

These lakes are special. They are known for their radiant waters, covering the spectrum of smooth gemstone tones in blues, greens, and even deep hues of purple. The colors are spectacular and the water crystal clear. Most of the lakes are open for swimming, kayaking, and canoeing.

Like with everything in life, timing is everything in this area. Rainy season brings with it low lying clouds that produce mystical feels but hang like a curtain around the edges of the lakes. The key is to remember that even when something seems pointless there is always a takeaway. Though the lakes were merely available in hazy glimpses, the colors popped from the depths of the pretty water and reminded me that sometimes it’s necessary to take a long look at desires and reevaluate expectations of a particular circumstance, place or person. Then one must choose if it’s worth waiting for, to test time, to stick around and let the clouds pass so to see what might be or to recognize whatever moment is veiled from you for a reason, asking you to move on or perhaps urging patience and faith that what belongs to you will be revealed in due time. Things come out clearly when the time is right.