Punta Cometa, Mazunte, Mexico in Photos

“Never waste any amount of time doing anything important when there is a sunset outside that you should be sitting under.” C. JoyBell C.  

Mazunte, Mexico

Mazunte- where bohemian types thump on drums that echo in the streets and ricochet off the ocean’s beating waves. The beaches are small and cozy but only a select few sections that are hugged by […]

For Everything Bad, Mezcal. For Everything Good, Mezcal.

Magical Mezcal…God, I love this stuff! I like the clear ones, the jovens. I like them pure, smokey and unaltered by wood. Tobala with it’s fragrant, floral aromatics and soft, sweet notes that glide on the […]

Oaxaca, Mexico in Photos

Eat This and That! I ♥ Mexico

Since I’ve been in Mexico, I’ve been eating everything in sight. I told you about my taco obsession here. This is a list of the other delicious things I’ve been filling my face with… Enchiladas. […]

Monte Alban, Oaxaca, Mexico

Monte Alban is one of Mexico’s most impressive ancient ruins. It sits 1,315 feet above the Valley of Oaxaca. Around 500 B.C., the Zapotec people of the Oaxaca Valley began to flatten the mountain top […]

Semana Santa, Oaxaca, Mexico

The Catholic celebration of Semana Santa happens every year in April during Easter. The occasion is a big deal to many in Latin America. Festivities take place for the entire week and coincide with a […]

Black Clay Pottery, Coyotepec, Mexico

Barro Negro is the traditional technique used to make the intricate and beautiful pottery that comes from the town of San Bartolo De Coyotepec in Oaxaca, Mexico. It’s a short ride out of the center of […]

An Homage To The Great TACO

I’ve been stuffing myself silly in Mexico. It’s hard not to. The food has history and a range of flavors and ingredients that are simply put, amazing! There’s a lot to Mexican cuisine but I’m […]