My Love For All Things Korea!



I love Korea! I love everything about it, its traditions, its quirkiness, its natural beauty. I was led here by the simple desire for Korean BBQ and discovered a world that offers so much more. The food is amazing, the people are generous, the culture embodies kindness, togetherness, and sharing. There are under-explored gems of nature like the east coast, and weird places like a penis park, and the cherry blossoms in the spring. Oh, the cherry blossoms. Korea is so much more than kimchi and Gangnam style just in case you forgot about that gift that keeps on giving, you’re welcome.

Korea is brought to you by all things adorable. Adorable cartoons welcome you to parks, jimjilbangs, and everything in between.

It’s full of mesmerizing natural beauty and long tradition, blended with the modern world.

Korea loves twinsies and selfies, and if you can manage it, both at the same time.

This entire country which is mostly surrounded by water has  massive concrete jacks lining the shores. I’m overwhelmed by the sheer number of them. I can’t help but wonder the man power, money, and time it took to place these for miles on end yet they just exist, unquestioned. They baffle me.


Love motels. Every town has at least one. Many Koreans live at home with their parents till they marry so naturally they need a place to escape to. What makes these places so interesting is the way they are set up. Hidden entrances, dark hallways, and wild decor ensure a secret rendezvous from being exposed. Each room is equipped all the necessary goods for two. 


“Workout machines”  are on every corner, in every park. I use the term workout machine loosely here. What these are, are nothing more than playgrounds for adults. These things offer less resistance than walking. Whatever, they’re fun. I never miss an opportunity to climb around on these.


Fun, easy hikes and unbelievable cycling paths link together for a remarkable way to explore this mountainous country.


The list of things that make Korea so great and special goes on and on. I arrived in Korea with no expectations and admittedly little knowledge of the country. I am leaving with a full belly, a whole new understanding of a culture, and many new friends. Thank you, Korea, you’ve been unique, full of surprises, and simply amazing. I will miss Korea!