Redwoods, Humboldt, California


Once upon time, there was a little girl who lived in a small town but she dreamt big of one day exploring the grand old world. With time, the dream never faded, instead it grew, overwhelmed her, till there was no way around it and she made it so. A nomad she would be. 

Over time and often alone, she wandered to far-flung reaches of the Earth. She found majestic beauty beyond her wildest expectation. She reveled in every moment. Working her way through the world, one magnificent, life-changing encounter after another, collecting pieces that would build the person she is to become.

But there was one place that still held a spot high on her list and an emptiness in her soul, a place that called to her, the great Redwoods of California. She would often find herself close, but never quite close enough until one day a charming fellow fulfilled her wish. He whisked her away in his white, metal chariot and chauffeured them through the enchanted forest for days.

They took long walks, hand in hand, noting the spongy, soft ground. The flexible flooring created by lifetimes of fallen trees that support and feed those still reaching past layers of atmosphere, straight to the heavens. Even the strongest, tallest trees need those that have fallen before them to build a solid foundation upon. Even the sturdiest, individual trunks lean on one another at times. 

They spent pitch black nights hugged tightly by protective trunks and limbs, embracing each other around a campfire, to cook, to stay warm, till the last embers faded with the weight of their sleepy eyes. They woke under the canopy with smiles and full hearts. The light of day pushed though shutters of redwoods and curtains of green, and the smell of campfire lingered in their clothes, in their hair, in their memory, now associated forever, never mistakable. Wonderous surroundings cause wonderous thoughts. Thousands of years old, these wide, wondrous trees hold infinite wisdom. 

The fairytale does not end here, in fact, for these two characters the story is merely beginning. Perhaps they will build upon a flexible foundation made of accumulated bits of shared experience on which to feed strong roots that support a steady, long growth. Maybe they can cultivate the kind of careful rise that encourages leaning on each other whenever required, but without the kind of burden that splinters and crushes. Perhaps together they will aim for the moon even if they only land amongst the stars, joined in force they can continue reaching. Perhaps they will be there to witness when one falls, acknowledging the others existence and begging the proverbial question of, if a tree falls in the woods… Proving they mattered in life, to another life, and forever be nurtured, intertwined and connected by that.

Then again, just like that, it’s possible the whole place could catch fire and shatter.