Sally Sold Seashells from Sayulita to San Pancho



Sun-Saturated Streets Strung with Scores of Streamers

Sky Soaked with Saltwater Scent

Soft Sand

Strong Surf

Step by Step

Strolling Seven or So km of Sandy Shore to Small Seaside San Pancho

Strong Strides up Sides of Slippery Soil

Straight below Slapping Swell and Stirred Suds Stimulate a Scare

Steady now

Slow and Steady

Steady Stroll

Stamina Spiked by Stupendous Sights

Stammer on

Stammer Strong

Sun Searing

Swimming in Sweat and Seeking Shade

Salvation Spotted

Sunlight Sparsely Scattered by the Safety found in Shadows from Slim Sticks that Sway in Song

Scofflaw Squads Squeaking and Squawking like Shouting Salesman Surprise and Startle

Short stone’s throw from Shore a Swampy Sanctuary Stands Slate and Still

Stop to Stare at the Swift Soaring

Suspended Span So Smooth So Slick

Subtle Sounds of Slow Swoosh and I Smile

Scorched Skin

Sizzled Soles

San Pancho in Sight

Slightly Straight and Sort of Sideways

Shuffle on

Spiritually Satiated

Senses Substantially Stimulated

Soul Satisfied

Successful Stroll

Sayulita to San Pancho