Seafood in Bangkok



Crisp-fried fish steaks in chili sauce. Super crispy and cooked much further than western standards.


Squid with bamboo, chilis and celery – very spicy.

If you’re looking for more than just grilled food and more finished dishes there are a few ubiquitous dishes you can get everywhere on the street. They are already prepared and served with rice. Lots of places have trays of food that are usually prepared down the street and periodically refreshed with new dishes.


Lek & Rut Seafood in Chinatown. It’s busy and hard to ignore.


Mussels, onion, chili, celery, banana peppers, Thai basil and garlic.


Simply grilled prawns at Lek & Rut.


Street-side grill station at Lek & Rut.

China town is a fun place to go at night. There are a lot of good street food stalls and one exceptional seafood spot. Lek & Rut is right on the street with tables that leave your back inches from cars as they move at a snails pace behind you. A lengthy menu, but everything is just a simple preparation of fresh seafood. They have non-seafood dishes, but stick to the seafood and you won’t be disappointed.
Another great seafood spot is not terribly far away if you’re taking a taxi. Recommended by a friend and it was all that I hoped for, Sornthong Seafood. They’ve been around for 17 years at the current location. The menu is quite extensive and even has a Chinese section. There are aquariums of shrimp, fish and various shellfish which the cooks run out to and net some fresh ones periodically. It’s more expensive, by Thai standards, and you’ll probably wait a little bit for a table here, but it’s worth the wait and the price. The night that I was there sadly they did not have any mantis shrimp so I went for some other staples.


Sornthong Seafood


Oysters, eggs and bean sprouts on a sizzler.


Oysters – it’s hard to see in the photo, but they were massive, briny and delicious.


Accoutrements for the seafood: limes, chili oil, “French’s onions”, Thai cocktail sauce, green chili sauce.


Grilled cockles – kept in an aquarium at the front of the restaurant.


Kale with salted fish. Stalks were still crisp and salted fish was more of a condiment seasoning it.