The Butcher Shops


Beef Trotters

Beef Trotters – Yeah, you can get beef here.

Beef Heart

Beef Heart

The transition to being served next door.

Chicken – The transition to being served next door.

Found some “butcher shops” today in Old Delhi, but they were really just street vendors hawking bits of animals. A few even had some live specimens around for later in the day (a sign of freshness?). Needless to say it may be a little while before I dive into a simply grilled kabob. Lots of street food in Chandni Chowk and they all appear to serve the same few items. I don’t feel terribly good about sharing plates and cups with every other customer especially when the dishes are rinsed in a street-side gutter with dirty water in between uses. Large pots on the other hand are scrubbed while sitting on a fire and burned clean. (Oddly enough it seemed all the vendors in an area would have their pots collectively washed at one location.)
So, disposable dishes and raging hot food served out of large pots it is. The only exception we’ve made so far has been for fried foods.