Chasing Sunsets, California Coast in Photos


Last year, I spent 62 days in California but felt like I had tried to catch a California sunset one thousand times to no avail. I waited as patiently as the impatient possibly can. I showed up every chance I had. I watched, and then I watched clouds fade to dark or the horizon disappear into a rearview mirror. Every time. Never in the right place at the right time. Perhaps the coast knew I’d show back up and stick around, each time longer than anticipated. As if in cahoots with the Universe it knew it could make me wait by holding out, make me deal with myself, take care of the things that needed healing, things that were there, in California. I showed back up to face the things in my life that needed tending to over and over. I kept thinking to myself if nothing else, if I could just see the sunset it would all be worth it. No instant gratification for me, Cali mocked. It would show me what I wanted when the time was right. Well, good things come to those who wait or perhaps it’s just a game of odds. I finally managed to see the blazing star extinguish into the ocean and it was as spectacular as I could have ever imagined. As the sun set in the clear sky, California set me free and sent me on my way. Thanks for taking your time California, the beauty in between was just as stunning.