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Hi Everyone! Welcome to Salt Trails. Thanks for joining the Journey. To kick things off, Salt Trails takes on India. For this leg of adventure, Salt Trails is composed of two globe-trotting, travel-loving people, Julie and Sam, co-workers turned co-travelers from Chicago. We’re leaving behind the cold, blustery winter to explore vibrant, bustling Asia.

The morning of departure we were off to a rocky start. Sam arrived to the airport without his passport as Julie tried to book proof of return flights on a cell phone to be allowed to check in. It was a mad dash of emotion fueled events and only an hour before take off. Right in the nick of time, we solved all issues and sighed deep breaths of relief in between our in-flight sips of gin and tonics. We had the next 15 hours to settle in to our seats await landing in a new, exotic, far away place.

After a stressful start and long day and night of travel, we arrived weary eyed and tired. We quickly learned, however, that India’s energy requires an all cylinders firing presence. We had to dig deep to perk up and pay attention.

Immediately the buzz and chaos of this city are a slap in the face. The second you walk out of the airport it starts. After twenty or so long hours of travel we did little more than catch a ride to our hostel and pass out. The ride though, was enough to keep you awake. From what I could tell, with all forms of transportation represented: pedestrians, bicycles, scooters, semi-trucks, rickshaws, even horse and cattle, everything became a target. Everyone, all at once, has the right away. The lines and dashes on the road thought to indicate lanes did nothing more than decorate the pavement. Red lights were interpreted as colorful suggestions. This sea of swaying cars were packed as closely together as possible and set to a soundtrack of live orchestra of seemingly aimless horns. Somehow, everyone on this battlefield seemed to find calm within the chaos and we arrive surprisingly unscathed.

The only semblance of familiarity in this culture shock of newness was the myriad of dangling trinkets from the rear-view mirror and Warrant playing on the radio of the cab. A small but sweet reminder of home, a naïve bubble of protection before it bursts and we tumble out to navigate and explore all that is India.

Stayed tuned for more as we carve our trail through the salt of this glorious corner of the Earth.