The Amazon, Tena, Ecuador


Air thick like peanut butter, wet and heavy as a soaked towel laid across ones body. Wanting nothing more than to peel back the layers of protective clothing. Moisture and sweat mix and soften the skin leaving it perfectly ripe for feasting. Eventually you give up, give in and sacrifice your flesh to the invisible landlords of the jungle.

While seated, waiting for dinner, I casually inspect my body for constant new bites from sandflies too small to see. I look up to find that all other insects have fled to the screen of my computer. I dodge the bugs on my keys as they dodge my fingers. They’re certainly not shy about letting their presence be known. They scream in the background demanding attention. A chorus of buzzing becomes too loud to talk over. Ah yes, the jungle. No place is safe. There is nowhere they are not. This lesson is brought to you by acceptance. The insects rule all. This is the first test of the jungle, overcome and you may stay to play.

The Amazon is a paradise for anyone seeking an adventure. Jungle to explore, trek, and discover. Rivers to raft, tube, or boat down. Creatures to question then befriend, remove, or avoid, depending. There is nowhere quite like it.


The rivers run long and wide. Dense greenery surrounds so impenetrable forcing you, with no way out, to relax into the pull of the water, either riding along to the rhythm of soft dips or challenging the force of wild rapids.


The world shrinks fast with hikes into the jungle. The lush leaves close in on you. Paths become harder to find. You can almost feel the ground growing under you with every step, any minute surely to be raveled. Everything in there competing for the bright sun in the sky while the wet earth does it’s best to suck you down.


Bigger than you can wrap your mind around. Far more beautiful than the eye can fully capture. Too authoritative to dare disrespect. Self sufficient, wild and alluring. Welcome to the Amazon.