Arizona, USA



Driving to Arizona from New Mexico, the land starts to lift with dusty hues of pink and beige plateaus and sporadic forests of dark, tall pines and firs through softly winding roads. The elevation begins to rise and fall more frequently. The drive starts to build to a climax and the feeling that you’re on the edge of something grand starts to swell.


Before you know it flat, open land dramatically plummets into the ground creating small canyons that become massive canyons and ultimately the famous Grand Canyon. One of the wonders of the world and as impressive as expected. The Grand Canyon displays itself across an endless landscape that is ever-changing in depth, shape, and color in a dance with the setting sun. A captivating performance on steady loop. Slate blues turn deep charcoal, mauve to plum, and sand tones to sepia.


Arizona as is diverse as it is beautiful with plenty more to explore. I’m still on the hunt for Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner…meep meep!