Chachagui, Colombia


The thing about slow travel is that it allows you to take advantage of time. There is no need to rush to the next know destination or to check places off a list. You can wander off the beaten paths and follow lesser known trails. Instead of chasing events and landmarks that will wow you, unexpected people and places present you with unique options. This tactic can lead to multiple days of dull boredom but every once in while you stumble upon perfect little secrets.

The town of Chachagui is off the beaten path for travelers as there is not much there but it’s perfect for observing and learning the true nature of a genuine, small Colombian town. Chachagui is surrounded by stunning mountains meaning it’s full of endless possible mountain┬ábiking trails. Many of the hiking paths that delve into the steep valley are littered with fallen mangos for the taking. Pretty, foggy walks along the outskirts of town lead to the center of the quaint town square. Locals are friendly and welcoming, proud of the place they call home and happy to show you around. It’s the kind of place where children still play unbothered under the glow of street lights till their parents call them home. This is the kind of small town that bleeds the heart of Colombia and it’s people. A true gem.

It’s sure to be overtaken with tour groups and hotels in no time as Colombia’s tourism continues to grow rapidly but for now it remains a sweet little community worthy of a nod and a mention.