The Coast of Portugal in Photos


I took a long walk from Porto, Portugal to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Known as the Portuguese coastal way of the Camino de Santiago, this hardly beaten path shows off some of Mother Earth’s prettiest sides. I spent one week walking this small segment of Portugal’s long edge.

The Portuguese coast dances with intensity. Its energy feels alive and relentless with blustery winds and beating sun. Beach goers armed with north facing shields defend from spraying sand while the Atlantic lures with its sparkling soft waves and then splashes back at swimmers with sub zero lashes. The beach has never looked so combative.

The villages dotted along the way percolate with culture, detail, color, and lively decorations. Streets are scented with the strong smell of grilling sardines. Glassware clanks like wind chimes in the strong coastal winds. In Portugal, it’s never too early for wine or too late for espresso.

In between the spaces where people congregate, the long stretches of pristine coast allow for a steady, peaceful meditation. The white noise of the constant ocean, whistling of whipping winds, and slapping of loose boardwalk planks create a symphony to get lost in. And slowly but surely I fell deeply in love with Portugal’s coast.