Delphi, Arachova, and Livadeia, Greece


Historic Delphi is a flashback in time. Far from the cities and nestled in its corner, Delphi sits perched high in the sky. It was deemed the belly button of the Earth early on. A site known for its myths and Gods, as well as a place for important arts and sports development with a large theater and stadium. Delphi is a place where the imagination runs wild trying to understand life in mythical and ancient Greece; where the line of allegorical stories and the idea of a real, tangible life blur.

It’s worth slowing down and stopping off at some of the lesser known villages on the tourist path. There are some perfectly charming, sweet, small villages between Athens and the popular destination of Delphi. Off the side of the road are fountains that flow with clean mountain water, perfect for a refill and moment to appreciate and take in the view.

Arachova is the Aspen of Greece. This quaint village is where Greece’s rich and famous rub elbows in the winter between hitting the slopes and spending cash money in fancy shops filled with furs. In the summer the town is a bit sleepy, but manicured with matching rooftops, stylistically similar buildings, and adorable yet classy decoration.

The humble village of Livadeia is peaceful, and calm. It’s presence is welcoming. A Natural spring runs through the town center and feeds the very lush green garden that grows as a result. The trees stand tall and shade the pebble paths and small foot bridges connecting the rows of cafes lining either side. A perfect place to stop and rest with a coffee and soak in the wonderment of Delphi. A perfect day.