Road Trip USA Part 2


Road trippin’ part 2. This time my whip is a smooth-riding, less terrifying for those sharing the road with me, Lexus sedan. I’ve made it out of the desert and am traveling to higher ground. The mission on this leg of the trip is to hike a few mountains, canyons, connect with the earth, connect with old friends, and learn a thing or two about the states between Los Angeles and the city where my heart lives, Chicago.

But before I hit the road, Part 2 starts in the city of angels and deserves exploration. L.A.  is defined by its traffic, sprawl, and reputation as entertainment hub of the universe. America’s second largest city supplies anything one might want or need from superficial self-centered consumption to soul revival on chilly Pacific beaches and perspective filled hikes in the Hollywood hills. Known for fake faces and fake handshakes, getting ahead and making your dreams come true, underneath it all, cool kids at hip places on awkward tinder dates look for love, and everyone just wants a real connection. The place has a lot of heart, broken hearts, and wears thick armor, yet continues to lure and intrigue those that hope and believe. The city beats on palpable ambition.

A perfect, easily accessible retreat from the city smog lies just a short jaunt up and away from the center. Several paths and trails lead to sparkling views of city lights that stretch just past massive mansions and end at the oceans shore. The California sunset burns an intense red and orange as the lights of the city start to twinkle like carelessly thrown glitter.

Rearview mirror sunsets as I head back east, this glowing image of a complicated city at the end of the road is what I will keep as I turn away from the coast. Goodbye sunny California. See you out there, America!