San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico


San Cristobal is a lovely city of well preserved colonial buildings painted every shade of bright. The pretty buildings roll up and down a grid of streets creating picturesque views from all parts of the city. San Cristobal has become a melting pot of local and indigenous community alongside expat hippies. A huge art presence, co-ops, and sustainable and thoughtful business ventures pulse new blood through the thick veins of this old, historic city.

Nestled in Mexico’s highlands, San Cristobal sits at 7000 feet. The surrounding mountains, rivers, and lakes make it a playground for those seeking refuge in nature. Famous ruins, spectacular canyons, and beautiful parks speckled with the most visually stunning lakes and powerful waterfalls surround San Cristobal. One could spend a lifetime discovering the nooks and crannies of this beautiful space on Earth.

The has city suffered and survived a barrage of attacks. The cobbled streets have been pounded with feet of vicious conquerors, Zapatista, activist, and survivors. The bustling markets, deep indigenous tradition, and constant new revival make San Cristobal a palpable cultural hub of Mexico. The two most important ethnic groups in the area are the Tzotzil and Tzetzal.