San Jose Del Pacifico, Oaxaca, Mexico


San Jose del Pacifico is a hippie wonderland of magic mushrooms enclosed by misty mountains. The tourist thing to do here is to take a tour through your own psyche and explore your inner self. Mushrooms are easier to find here than relocating the winding road lost to dense fog that gets you to San Jose in the first place.

Not a lot of people visit San Jose del Pacifico but there are more reasons than just mushrooms to stop by. It’s situated perfectly between the beaten path from Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido. The road between these two places twists like intestines and knots your own in the process. San Jose del Pacifico is conveniently situated right in the middle, just begging you to stop, take a deep breath and be still. Between the dry desert heat of Oaxaca and the humid hot blanket of Puerto Escondido, San Jose is cool, chilly even, and refreshing. Taking a moment in the mountains should never take convincing.

Accommodations are perfectly perched in the surrounding mountains offering ultimate, unobstructed views. Simply sitting still, letting thoughts pass and doing nothing more than checking in with the present moment while watching nature, paying attention to its beauty, detail and sheer phenomena is enough to keep very busy. Hours fly by faster than the ever-changing shapes of clouds and just barely slower than the flapping wings of visiting hummingbirds. The iridescent beauties stop by long enough to catch your eye as if to say, come with me, see what I see, and they take you with them to show you around. They land amongst bursting, red berries, zip to sunset-orange poppies and drink from scarlet petals doused with dew. They introduce you to their friends, the lizards, crickets, butterflies, and bees. Flowers squeeze in amongst succulents surrounded by pines and firs. The rest of the world melts away while the world in front of you buzzes with life. This is that perfect climate where everything grows including the soul.

And the hiking beyond town takes you to corners that make it feel like your hiding. There’s no one around and the paths are inviting, the soft ground encourages you to continue to step, the trees offer protection and the clouds embrace like a hug.

While disappearing further into the mist, I stopped to wonder if I might just walk into another world and never be found. I wondered if I cared. It felt safe to be this close to heaven.

The whole place sits nestled in a permanent cocoon of clouds. The clouds make you feel safe until they feel suffocating and with that, they seem to let you know that it’s time to go. But a couple of days is all one needs to recharge here, with or without the aid of psilocybin magic mushrooms. The mountains and mist are magic enough.