San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


The cobblestone grid that surrounds the perfect and precisely manicured central square slowly unravels as the streets crawl up hills to quiet, residential labyrinths. Thick slabs of heavy walls house lovely and expensive things. 

The further up you go, the more stunning the views. The pale brick color of the looming cathedral gives it a sense of delicacy but it stands completely firm in stature claiming its place as the center of attention and the center of town. It sits like a healthy, beating heart, pooling rich blood, setting the pulse of the city.

To many passing through, San Miguel de Allende will only ever be a spectacular, unexpected place that looks more like a town in Italy than Mexico but the city’s working limbs reach far. While the hub sees all the action, those who create the daily magic retreat back to the less visited, residential edges that sprawl like tentacles from its heart center.

This city is beautiful. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to stay long.