Sayulita, Mexico in Photos


Try to not get stuck in this lovely little town, I dare you. I very seriously considered quitting my life as I know it and blending into Sayulita’s grains of sand instead. It would be an easy integration. With the ocean at your toes, good food, yoga on every corner, it’s almost everything I require to keep my heart beating steady.

I made it out just in time before getting completely sucked in. I have a few things to take care of before I settle down somewhere. At least I have a backup plan if it all crashes and burns.

What I like about Sayulita compared to other similarly small, beach-town hotspots is that it caters to everyone. There’s a happy balance of beach-party vibes and relaxed restaurants and cafes, expats and locals, tourists and community. It’s just far enough out of the way that you have to try, just a little, to get there. For those not wanting to put in the effort, you can find everything under the sun in nearby but much more crowded and commercialized, Puerto Vallarta. In the other direction, heading North, one can remove themselves even further to much smaller, cuter and less occupied hubs like San Pedro. Sayulita remains the happy medium for me.